Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Outgoing [January]

This month I was able to use a mix of English and Japanese stationery. I didn't actually pick up much while I was in the UK. But the few things I bought or picked up were put to good use. Needless to say I have picked up loads of new stationery bit since coming so there has been a nice mix of Japanese and English. So happy with my ink stamps and bakers twine which have been in valuable. A few letters went out to friends and family thanking them for the Christmas times and presents.


  1. I love the set of London cards in the second photo!

  2. The London card are beautiful and so is the pastel bits of mail that say Just wanted to say hello! You send great mail!

  3. Ever since I started using twine, I've been hooked. It just adds such a nice little touch to the mail, doesn't it?