Tuesday, 14 January 2014

December Incoming & Outcoming

Short and sweet, December was very quiet postal wise so very few pictures. I had wanted to write from the UK as I was home for Christmas. But I was too busy actually having a holiday. I also left a few letters in England without taking a picture. I got loads of letters out in November as I didn't want to have that many letters to in December because of Christmas and being away. Plus my main aim was to make and send out as many Christmas postcards as possible (post coming soon). I did receive some lovely handmade postcards from fellow IGers and came home to yet a few more in the New Year. 

  Probably the most create actually letter I've ever received. It a piece of art in it's own right, Thanks Rob

 Love the little paper planes

 Rob's envelope and parcel from Gemma of Letter Loves

 Beautiful handmade postcard from Corey

sweet bundle from Michelle at seaweedkisses

One of the few Christmas letters I sent. 

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