Friday, 24 January 2014

Stationery Stash #3 [Etsy Finds]

Yesterday for the first time ever I was home when Mr. Postman came a knocking. Not only that but I was at home an in a decent state of dress i.e. hair combed and wearing a bra (^_^). More importantly he was here with a package I thought would take much longer to arrive! So a good start to a day off.

I spied these stickers, labels and mini postcards online almost 2 weeks ago on Etsy. I thought they would be perfect for my Traveler's Notebook and a few certain pen pals. I can't wait to start using these in my TN I'm not that good at drawing so these will help to liven up my pages.


  1. THESE ARE LOVELY! just wondering if you had the links to them? i may buy some! :)

  2. OOoh! Where are these from? I would love to use them for my yearly pen pal journals!

    1. I got them all from the same shop but there's loads of stuff if you're willing to look around on Etsy.