Sunday, 31 August 2014

Incoming [August]

I am so grateful! Seriously it's all so lovely, surprise mail, pay it forward mail and mail mail. As well as more Gotochi postcards from folks who went away during Obon! Yippee! These are the only letters I have left to reply to then I'm all clear. I will be asking recipients to take their time responding as I would like a breather. Anything after these will have to wait not unless I feel strongly compelled to write, which be great if I do.

I have been stupidly busy that I have not taken pictures of everything. I will try and update this at a later date. Some of these are not even uploaded to Instagram, so many letters so little time *sigh*. But I think that this is a good thing, I really want to be doing more writing less. Oh I've also been buying less stationery, which is most definitely GOOD! I do seeing myself letter writing less in the next few months and actually don't feel sad/bad about it.

Outgoing [August]

I had a massive pen pal cull this month  (more to come), so my outgoing was a lot less this month. Though I'm still writing at the same rate as I did before! I'm loosing my enthusiasm and I'm just so busy,i t's hard to find time to write. I'm actually planning a hiatus once I've finished replying to my August mail. It's so hard to really keep on top as soon as you send one thing you receive another. Regardless I will take a break once I've finished replying to all August letters.

I can't lie it was good to break off come correspondences. I'm still finding it hard putting pen to paper to those I enjoy writing to. I was also finding it hard to write to people after long absences, the time issue asides if there is no interact (or rapport) via IG or email it's hard to get back into things.

Anyways the usual mix of birthday mail, thank yous and regular mail as usual. I've worked on some postcards too and few other little things I will have to another craft post at some point.

Friday, 1 August 2014

Craft & Crap

Okay not really crap but just random stuff I like the alliteration in the title. Beside from the Tokyo shop spoils I've picked up a couple of nice bit in the last few weeks and thought I'd share. I've also put them to go use and been a little crafty. I'm trying to get through my paper pile too so have made a lot more envelopes. It's good to have a stock pile for sending out the odd quick letter.

Some images have been repeated from other posts. I'm obsessed with rubber ink stamps and as you can see. I've put old stamps and new to good use too. My new sumo stamp I intend on using a lot more for wrapping again as I did with the kokeshi stamps recently. I also used my large collection of postage stamps and have a few more ideas for how to use the rest. New labels, masking tape and letter pads too of course!