Friday, 1 August 2014

Craft & Crap

Okay not really crap but just random stuff I like the alliteration in the title. Beside from the Tokyo shop spoils I've picked up a couple of nice bit in the last few weeks and thought I'd share. I've also put them to go use and been a little crafty. I'm trying to get through my paper pile too so have made a lot more envelopes. It's good to have a stock pile for sending out the odd quick letter.

Some images have been repeated from other posts. I'm obsessed with rubber ink stamps and as you can see. I've put old stamps and new to good use too. My new sumo stamp I intend on using a lot more for wrapping again as I did with the kokeshi stamps recently. I also used my large collection of postage stamps and have a few more ideas for how to use the rest. New labels, masking tape and letter pads too of course!


  1. Love those pencils! THanks for sharing these - lots of inspiration!

  2. These are just fantastic and I cannot wait to get in my studio and try some Manana....