Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Bye January

One twelfth of 2014 has gone already and we are in February. One of my 2014 resolutions was is blog/write more and use my camera more. So one of the things I will try and do is a monthly round up. So here how was how the first month of the year went.

I'm sporting new clothes and bits I bought home, in particular my new bags perfect for work and play. I came back to Japan with no heating or internet so that was fine. My air conditioner was knackered was it was great to have a new put in, so I have a swanky new one!

Aside from new clothes I came back with new stationery. Being back home and catching up with friends and family meant that January was spent writing thank you letters. Lots of writing and reading this month, and not just reading of the English variety. I've got my arse in gear and started studying Japanese again another one of my resolutions.

I had sometime between the coming back from home and starting work again. This gave me an opportunity to wonder around and do a lot walking. More importantly I found new places such as Kotori. The month has flown by I hope I can continue everything I've started.

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