Monday, 2 December 2013

Outgoing [November]

Not much to report outgoing wise apart from the fact that I amazed at how much that I have managed to send. Before I would have struggle to keep on top it. I think that is mainly due to the fact it's the letters have been great in content and quality. And also as I mentioned in 'Incoming' the 'getting to know you' phase is over and you there is more to go on.

Writing the first letter is hard, not just because you want to make a good first impression it's also that you have nothing to reply to. My new pen friends were all found via Instagram. An instagram feed does not tell you much about a person. Also it is very public and people do not share the same way they do in letters (at least I hope not). So actually these replies were much easier this time around and therefore I was able to get letter out more quickly.

Some letters have reached their destinations and some are still languishing at the bottom of my bag whispering 'post us Rehana, set us free'. If I had a 100¥ or preferably a £1 (they're worth more) for every post box I've passed whilst having a stamped and addressed envelope in my possession I could buy Royal Mail!! *sigh* postal problems!

Saturday, 30 November 2013


Out and about in Tokyo once again, meant I could stick my head in at Tabi-ya. My favourite stationery shop. I am sure once I have the budget and time I will find equally great delights elsewhere. But for now Tabi-ya is my one true love.

Tabi-ya also stocks a lot of Traveler's Notebook (TN) stuff which will be great for future trips. I bought a TN last month and have yet to blog about it, I will remedy this soon. I didn't buy much for my TN, just some rubber bands for the extra inserts and I took a copy of the Travelers Times (for new potential mail art). But I indulged in two of my favourite M's Moleskine and Midori, no Mountblanc unfortunately.

I also bought some amazing airmail stickers. I don't know why I didn't buy them on my first trip. I can only image that was because they didn't have them before. I love love LOVE them, is really sad that I get this excited over stickers?!?! I will be using and sharing them of course. There are over 100 in the time, but I'm sure it will be easy to use them up.

I have a new thing for mini envelopes and paper bags. The clear front paper bags will great for Christmas and mail swaps. In the new year I make try and make something similar with heavy tracing paper and washi. As for the raffle tickets I bought I'm considering doing some kind of real raffle with my pen friends. I will need to think about how it will work but though it'd be fun. Love the stamps another a little something for my mum..... maybe.

Friday, 29 November 2013


As I had to take a trip to  Roppongi I thought I'd do a quick Google search of anywhere worth checking out while I was in the area. I found Uguisu, a little shop in Roppongi in Azabudai. It's online shop (prices in dollars for thouse outside of Japan) and the blog are run by Hiki who opened the store last year. And as the website says Uguisu is  'A place to find unique and well designed quality Japanese stationery, paper items, kitchen linens, tableware, gift, craft & zakka. Shipped worldwide from Tokyo,'.

Hiki speaks English which was great for me so I was able to ask questions and not have try in my crappy Japanese (I know I should practice more). I had initially gone for myself but ended up buying a couple of Christmas gifts which is always good. I did have to restraint myself though, I really wanted to buy one these beautiful Furoshiki either for myself or my mum (but probably for me) as well as all the pretty paper goods.

I did pick a set of these lovely the air vases for my mum. I had previously seen them at a paper exhibition in Meguro in the summer and regretted not buying them then. I used to have a things for notebooks but now its all about paper bags and mini envelopes. The mini envelopes and paper dots I bought there I absolutely love and have started using on Christmas projects.

I will definitely be making a trip in the new year and will be an online buyer in the future when I 'm living in foreign parts again. Not bad for a last minute Google search eh?!?!