Saturday, 21 June 2014

Yamada Stationery

I didn't do a post on meeting Yen Fong of Tabiyo which was great. We ended up going to Bunbougu Cafe or the Stationery Cafe. However, I was particularly underwhelmed by the Bunbougu Cafe they had a few nice things but in my opinion overpriced as was the coffee Maybe the bad weather and my tooth ace made has coloured my opinion. So ye not really blog worthy. 

But this month I was able to meet Vivian another IG friend visiting Japan. We've exchange postcard and other mail for a while was it was quiet nice to finally meet. We went to Mitaka we had intended to go to Kichioji. We ended up Yamada Stationery. So much stationery and postally goodness. Yamada is great as it didn't just have the usual zakka and stationery goods but a few postal related things.

They stock old Japanese unused stamps some of which I assume can be used. And of course the usual packets of used international stamps. I also picked up some postcard with postal or stamp themes. By the way you'd probably be better of taking at look at Vivian's blog she'll have much more and much better pictures than me if she does a post on it. But her a few pictures form the shop and my spoils! 



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  1. Oh em gee!!! Those vintage postage stamps are amazing! What a find!!