Sunday, 19 January 2014

Christmas Postcards

So most of the mail I sent in December was in the form of postcards. These went out to friends, family, previous postcards swappers, pen pals and IGers. The cutting and sticking and glue and glitter was fun and totally brought out the Blue Peter kid in me. I think it is something I will try and do annually.

Traditionally people send New Year postcards (年賀はがき)in Japan. Some are hand drawn or include art work or family photos. So it was nice to do something similar for Christmas. Also postcards were simpler, quicker and cheaper that full blown cards.


  1. I absolutely loved your postcards! So very clever, and pretty :)

    1. I really can't remember if I sent you one. I know I intended to!😳

  2. Your postcard was such a lovely surprise. It's still hanging up although Christmas has long passed.... ;)