Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Traveler's Caravan Company

This a very bleated post and had I not become lazy with blog this is definitely something I would have written about at the time.

So, imagine my delight when I heard that the folks in Japan behind my beloved Traveler's Notebook were coming to Europe and that London would be one of their stops. A pop up shop and make your own notebook event was held at Ace Hotel in Shoreditch. Not only was this a hardcore stationery fix but it also meant that I got to meet Stephanie or on instgram @weepingwillow84 and writer of The Paper Explorer. Here I found my stationery soul sister she gets me. This made it doubly worth going.

At the event we were able to chose from a variety of different papers lots of different colours, weights and textures. They had a station for customising your notebooks and stickers and stamps. The event took place in Amsterdam and Berlin too. I arrived late and little out of start I wish I had brought my Traveler's Notebook and spoke more to the guys there and made a bit more of an effort but oh well.

 You also had a choice of different covers

A paper buffet

 Mr Ishi binding my notebook

I really hope they do something like this again or at least try and have more stockists in Europe particularly the UK. The people from the The Journal Shop provided the stock for the pop up shop. However, while they do offer a wider range of Japanese stationery including other Midori products I find them overpriced. If you are able to get there JP Books just around the corner from the Japan Centre is much better bet though their range is limited.

Only now have I started to write in my notebook. As much as I love to admire it the paper and notebook is too good just to sit on my desk and admired. I'm going to make use of it and do my best to fill all the pages. I have even started a new instgram hash tag #rehanajournals This year I wanted to write more for myself not just to others in the form of letters. The notebook is part of that as well as my Traveler's Notebook I hope to put it to better use. Writing more got for my blog too so hopefully you will be hearing from me more in future.

 Customising section

Loved all these stamps

 My purchases and notebooks

Thursday, 14 January 2016


I love Christmas not just for the giving but also for all for the making. Christmas provides lots of opportunities to get creative even if you're not naturally. Last year I had lots of time but little money this year I have a little more money but not much time. This meant I'm still making stuff on Christmas Day. I am really glad I managed to bake make and decorate this year.

I only forgot a few people off my Christmas card list this year and only a few of the ones I did send arrived late but the majority got there before Christmas. This year was the first time I bought Christmas craft paper but I hope to make better use of it this year but it was worth getting. Combined with Cavallini rubber stamps and Carla Craft punches I'm pleased with the result. I've been quite organised for salvaging all the scraps I'm storing things from this year for next year as well as buying lots of Christmas things in the sale to use for Christmas 2016 which I didn't do last year.

I tried my hand at making crackers for the first time please I personalise sort my family in setting family photo is funny jokes and quotes that would suit them and memories I hope to make this a tradition for every year but I might pass on my cracker to my mum and my sister for them to do for me it makes it a little bit more fun.I so glad that new traditions are being made whilst being creative.