Thursday, 23 January 2014

Kotori コトリ

Thank God for Google when I decided that a trip to Kamakura was called for I decided to check if I could find anywhere worth going apart from Tuzuru. This is how I found Kotori in Omachi walking distance from Kamakura station (in the opposite direction of Tuzuru), down a quiet little street which I will be making a frequent visits to in the future.

I checked their online shop before I went in person, but I hadn't anticipated finding much by what I'd seen on the site. But happily I was very much mistaken, Kotori had much more to offer than in store. One good thing is they sell Kotori branded stuff not just the usual Midori, Mindwave, Orange Airlines, MT, etc. Of the Kotori items I only bought their stationery themed postcard. I love this little shop and their logo is so cute pencil perched birds.

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