Monday, 2 December 2013

Outgoing [November]

Not much to report outgoing wise apart from the fact that I amazed at how much that I have managed to send. Before I would have struggle to keep on top it. I think that is mainly due to the fact it's the letters have been great in content and quality. And also as I mentioned in 'Incoming' the 'getting to know you' phase is over and you there is more to go on.

Writing the first letter is hard, not just because you want to make a good first impression it's also that you have nothing to reply to. My new pen friends were all found via Instagram. An instagram feed does not tell you much about a person. Also it is very public and people do not share the same way they do in letters (at least I hope not). So actually these replies were much easier this time around and therefore I was able to get letter out more quickly.

Some letters have reached their destinations and some are still languishing at the bottom of my bag whispering 'post us Rehana, set us free'. If I had a 100¥ or preferably a £1 (they're worth more) for every post box I've passed whilst having a stamped and addressed envelope in my possession I could buy Royal Mail!! *sigh* postal problems!

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