Friday, 8 November 2013

Stationery Stash #2

More stationery, yes I know I have a problem here are my October finds. I will get help at some point (in the far distant future). It's all being put to good use though. Everything here was bought from either Tabiya, Yurindo, Olympia or Pastello. My latest find, Pastello is in the Lumine Wing at Ofuna Station. I found it in mid-October and they had lots of Halloween stuff but to my joy they were already stocking Christmas stationery!

I resisted the urge to but any Christmas things, but Pastello will be my first port of call when I decide to start my Christmas mail and crafts. I did pick up a few Japanese themed things there, which I am always happy yo find. So I have new Mt. Fuji stickers, Ukioy-e postcards, a Mt. Fuji postcard and best of all my MT Okoro Japenese Souvenir tape. The tape I will using loads of my gifts I take back for Christmas.

Other bits: my messenger birds which I love, paper and labels, mt tape (naturally), Mark's sticker, tape and paper, autumn themed stamps and paper (blogged about here) and writing paper for a mass family mail out. Oh and another Rollbahn notebook (I have a notebook fetish) some stickers, post-its and note cards. Nothing now until Christmas.............maybe!

 Paper packaging

Paper bags

Scrapoholic paper and labels (Mark's)

Rainbow letter set

Going a bit neon 

 New Rollbahn!!

Mark's haul

Old stamps+ new ink= big difference 

Okoro mt tape 

 Mini Mark's tape

 Japanese goodies

Jewel post-its, leaf letters and  panda note cards 

  More mt, more labels

Bear notes

Messenger birds 

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