Saturday, 9 November 2013


Way back in May during Golden Week, I found a great little shop in Ofuna not far from the station. It was a very lucky find whilst out and about and since its discovery I have been a regular. ‘Onkochishin’ is a gorgeous shop selling retro furniture and antiques. Filled with not just with Japanese but Western items some of its furniture has been upcycled rather than restored and turned into something absolutely beautiful and new. Onkochishin means Respect the Past, Create the New so a very fitting name for the shop. As motto it is one I like on a personal level and try to live by.

There is the usual mixture of toys, tea sets,  fabric, tables, chairs, pottery, jewellery, books, magazines and my one of my particular favourites; typewriters which I drool over each visit. However, my favourite thing about Onkochishin are the vintage postcards which are a sold at 50¥ each. Not only within my budget but suits me and my paper/postal fixation. I coud spend all day going through their postcard collection. Ninety percent of the postcards are Japanese but there are some international (I found a great on Windsor Castle on my visit trip). They also span decades as well as countries and there are few that are used. So great examples of old, Japanese and foreign stamps and postmarks can be found if you take the time to look. I love finding postcards sent from overseas written in kana with foreign stamps.

Needles to say if I was staying permanently in Japan or had money to burn my purchases would be a lot more than postcards. For now I’m happy with my vintage postcard collection and the few small Christmas gifts I’ve found. An added bonus is that the staff are always really warm and welcoming. I’m always provided with a seat so I can settle down and go through the postcards properly and comfortably. The last few visits I’ve even been given a cup of tea. Onkochishin is definitely one of my favourite haunts and I would strongly recommend it to anyone in the Ofuna area.

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  1. I love finding little stores aka "hidden gems" such as these. They hold so many wonderful treasures.