Sunday, 3 November 2013

Incoming [October]

Incoming this month was very sporadic and my outgoing was much higher than my incoming. Not that this matters but it was noticeable. But when I look back at the month I have received more that I thought and am very grateful for it.

I've stopped swapping postcard but did get a few this month in response to the surprise mail I sent out at the beginning of the month. I also received mail from home which is always good. There is a big difference getting mail not just from people you have met but people you actually know.

From; Rin (Australia), Jess (America), Lola (England)
Tee (America), Chai (England), Corey (Singapore)
CC (Singapore), Tee (Australia), Felicia (Canada)

England and Australia 

Canada and Singapore 



Japan and America




Singapore, China Japan, India, Brazil and Portugal

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  1. You received some very nice stuff. Hoping to get mine sent to you very soon!