Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Umi Fuku Zakka [海福雑貨}

I mentioned on my IG post that this would be first and last visit to Umi Fuku Zakka [海福雑貨]. Ha! Famous last words, total love at first sight with this place. Their website does not do the place justice. Having said that UFZ was surprisingly busy. Which good is but not when the place is small and you have a big bum, trying to squeeze past people and keep a hold of your purchases. 

One of the owners Mami-san (pictured below!) was very friendly and was chatting away to other costumes when I arrived. Soon after I was offered a cup of green tea. She also allowed cameras which was great as I can show you the amazingness that is her shop. There are 2 other owners 海福雑貨. There is some connection to Nastumehiro and carried a few similar brands. It had a few leaflets and other information on other stores, workshops and events. Incidentally I passed a cool yarn shop on the way there that had a knitting circle going. 

Asides from the few similar brands a 海福雑貨 has a lot of vintage and zakka items. Not only that but vintage stationery supplies that makes the sweet dreams of some of my Instagram friends. Among them were vintage pens, nibs, ink stamps, paper ephemera etc. Unlike Natsumehiro I actually regret not buying more. But as something's weren't priced it was difficult to tell and manovuering my way around other shoppers didn't help. Some things were reasonable making me want to stock and others make made me cringe. I already want to go back and have a proper look through their draws at some of their paper ephemera. 

I could go on and on but I think the photos speak for themselves. The only thing that could be found in a regular shop were the mt tapes. 海福雑貨is a rare and great find and def worth another visit despite my best intentions. Oh and yet again another unsatisfactory 'web shop' it is a real mess and doesn't give a real indication of their stocks and supplies. It's definitely a shop to be visited and rummaged through. But you can gauge the type of shop it is from this post an their Facebook page. Enjoy!

Address: 252-0311 Sagamihara, Kanagawa, Minami-ku, Higashirinkan 3-18-3 1F 
Tel: 042-705-3392 
E-Mail: mail@umick.com
Hours: 11:00-18:00

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