Sunday, 7 September 2014

Kamakura with Kat

This blog was never meant to be mostly stationery and letter writing. While I’m doing more (but still not enough) I don’t blog about it enough. So this is my first attempt to remedy this, my future post will be out of order and at random as I archive my escapades. I want to start with my day out with Kat of The Craft Bureau. This was our second outing and was just much fun as the first.

Kat travelled to Kamakura and I took her around. I took her to see the local sites as well as my favourite places including Kotori and Tuzuru, unfortunately Yohira was closed! We started at Hase with a trip the Kamakura Diabutsu or big Buddha (大仏), the second largest bronze Buddha in Japan. This was one of the highlights of my first trip to Japan 4 years ago.  200¥ for entry is an absolute bargain in my option and we were lucky that it was rather quiet as was Kamakura in general.

I must admit we got sidetracked in the shops, with it being quieter on the streets this was easily done. I noticed a few nice little places which I hadn't noticed before. The time we spent shopping mean that we had to give a miss Hachiman-gū (八幡宮) the biggest shrine in Kamakura. Oh well it gives us an excuse to go again. We did make it to Hase Dera 長谷寺 where the majority of these pictures are taken.

We shopped in my favourite places, Kotori, Tuzuru and Shatoh. I will post a separate post on my purchases. It was so nice to take someone else around for a change, rather than the other way round. It made me appreciate that area I live it and how lucky I am. I learnt more about Hase Dera this trip which I won't write here I'll keep that for my Traveler's Notebook. I'll let you enjoy the pretty pictures but for information on Kamakura and places to check out the Japan Guide is good.


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