Thursday, 18 September 2014

Natsumehiro [ハイカラ雑貨店 ナツメヒロ]

Evil evil Google it's just as bad as Instagram and Etsy, actually damn you internet! Before I left on Friday I decided to last minute google to see if there was anything else worth checking out while I was out and about. A few stops along the Odakyu line at Higashirinkan Station is ハイカラ雑貨店 ナツメヒロ Natsumehiro, a beautiful zakka shop.

Natsume as well as being a shop hosts pop up events and mini exhibitions mostly displaying Japanese artist, craft makers and designers. This means that for once I had access to all the business card for all the brands or artists they sold/exhibited. It was nice to be able to have more information on my purchases and make some new discoveries. On my visit they had their Traveler's Trunk Exhibition, more information can be found here. It was very cute and with different trunks placed around the shop with different wares from the artist. I wish I could provide more info on each but my Japanese is practically non-existent.  

I made a few impulse buys I now regret but this was due to my excitement of finding somewhere new. Oh well. The owners seemed nice and were photo friendly. I would've taken more photos but more people turned up and and it got a little crowded in there. I will keep an eye on their website for future events. Unfortunately their online shop is not very good I think Natsume is a store that is better to visit than buy online. However it's probably better to look at their event or facebook pages to get an idea of what's in store. As usual I've ended with photos of my purchases again.

Address: 252-0311 Sagamihara, Kanagawa Prefecture, Minami-ku, Higashirinkan 5-16-20 
Tel: 042-812-4726 
Hours: 12:00 to 19:00