Sunday, 11 October 2015

Baking Mad

My first blog post in over a year!! So much has happen in the last year now I am back in the UK and more settled hopefully I should be able to keep this blog this up again and more regularly. I miss Japan loads and it has been a bi adjustment. Mainly I have washi tape withdrawal. Without all my stationery goodies that I had access to Japan. I've had  to turn to other means to be creative.

Baking has been  has been a fun way of me enjoying my kitchen again and actually making something. Also I didn't have an oven in Japan and away from me to spoil my family and friends and thank people festival no money coming back to the UK.Weddings and birthdays are a good opportunity to do this. Luckily there have been a few of those seems I've been bakeBaking is also very therapeutic and the one the cheapest (sometimes) ways for to give something home made.

Of course I've also uploaded picture to my instagram using the hashtag #rehanabakes. I've been given books before but I bought for myself Lily Vanilli's Sweet Tooth bakery book. l've tried a couple of recipes, Chelsea buns and the beetroot cake from it I cant wait to try others. 

 My cupboard of delights

Banana cakes

Peach and almond muffins

 Peach and almond muffins recipe here

 Christmas gingerbread

  Christmas gingerbread

  Christmas gingerbread particularly proud of these

 Rose cupcakes

 Valentines biscuits

 Sister's birthday cake

 Lily Vanilla Chelsea Bun recipe

 Chelsea Buns

 Wedding favours hand packaged

Gluten free beetroot cake