Saturday, 31 May 2014

Outgoing [May]

Wow it's not until I do these monthly round ups that I realised how much or how little I've send. I have been very crafty this last month and have have stock piled a lot of envelopes and other bits. Maybe I will have to do a separate post as they are not technically outgoing just yet. This month I have definitely been all about the #rgpostcardproject. I keep promising to do a blog post but frankly I haven't had enough photos back to make a blog post worthwhile. Maybe I just will do a post once the whole thing is done. I did send two pay it forward mails this month, only one of which has been received I hope the other arrives safely.


  1. Your creations are always so beautiful! I really love that black paper with white ink. <3

  2. Oh so purrty!