Friday, 27 June 2014

Letter Ledger

I've always had a hard time keeping a track of my incoming and outgoing mail. Previously I had used Instagram. However I don't always take a picture of each individual letter or it's contents. Plus trawling through mine or other people's feeds is just looong!! 

That's why Paper & Type's 'Letter Ledger' is a great idea. Keeping a track of the stationery and things sent is very useful. And like Flow magazine says your brain is for thinking not reminding. That's what notebooks (or letter ledgers) are for. 

It's smaller than I though and the cover is kinda thin. But there are lots of pages and I'll reinforce it somehow. There's an envelope the inside the cover and address list in the back so may prove tricky. But I love the cute pencil and the branding of a Paper&Type. I'm still debating whether I will decorate the cover like my dear pen pal Emily. Regardless I can't wait to start using my ledger. 


  1. I got mine in the post today! I can't wait to start using it so I can be an organised pen pal :)