Monday, 23 June 2014

Postal Notebook

I did a post back in February on my Valentine's Day post to my mum where I used a Moleskine postal notebook. I have loved the postal notebooks since the first time I saw them. They are great as they can be used for long letters, smashbooks, holiday/vacation mail, mini storybooks etc. I've used them for special occasions, events and I'm currently working on a larger one for a friend's birthday.

It makes a change from the usually envelope+letter format combining mail art and letter all in one. There's even a little pocket for a few little extras or more pages if you use up the whole book. The edges are perforated so can be torn off and turned into book for the recipient. Perfect for snail enthusiasts I think whether buy a Moleskine or make your own. Here are some of the ones I've sent so far.


  1. Looooove these adorable creations of yours. <3 The last pic is especially wonderful! I can never resist tiny envelopes.

  2. You're just so creative! These all look so great!

  3. i have six postal notebook but still did not use any of them because i am afraid i am going to ruin them ahaha
    your look great :)