Saturday, 5 October 2013

Stationery Stash #1

My stationery supplies has grown this month due to some great finds! Pen pal goodies and storage for my washi tape and papery bits.
My stationery love is well documented on my IG account and I have previously talked about Yohira. But in the last month I have been to Tabiya in Tokyo and Turuzu more locally in Kamakura. Both have added to my stationery stash and taken away from my bank account.  However it's all good as I have taken on a few new pen pals. I will have to watch my spending as it's becoming a bit of an addiction. 

Both stocked a lot of popular brands such as Traveller's Notebook, Moleskine, MT, MARK's etc. but was nice to find a mix of foreign and Japanese brands Tabi-ya  at least in . I would definitely go back to Tabi-ya if I'm in Tokyo but think Tuzuru will be enough to feed my stationery appetite. I also did the usually rounds at Yurindo, Loft and Olmypia last month. Olympia and Summer sale but I was too eager to use the stuff and didn't take any pics.  
 Yurindo hual from earlier in the month.
 Testing out new uni ball pens on molskine postal notebook
Yohira and Tuzuru goodies 
 Tabi-ya shop card
 Part of my loot from Tabi-ya
Getting ready for 2014, I LOVE this pocket calendar. Can't wait to use it.
Travel labels
 Not much from Tuzuru but still cute
Satisfying my 'to do list' fixation

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