Saturday, 12 October 2013

@rehanu Giveaway

So I recently reached 1000 followers on Instagram, which was a very big deal for me. I decided to do the usual giveaway. I decided against a 'kawaii give-away' despite being in Japan and having easy access to all things kawaii. Mainly because I hate kawaii (sorry kawaii fans) and also there are many kawaii giveaway on IG. So I opted for traditional Japanese stationery, which was more my taste and the kinda give away I would want to enter myself. My eventual winner was @mandyloudarling.

So here is what I included, I bought a few bits from Yohira a store I mentioned before and the washi paper and doll mobile is from 'Shatoh' the paper shop in Kamakura where I buy all my washi sheets. I went for a slightly autumnal theme and am I going to add a few other bits and pieces before I send them off. 
Hand printed leaf card, washi paper sheets, paper geisha mobile, fumiko (envelope incense), blotting paper and paper face mask.  
Total haul 
writing paper from Yohira
 Paper doll mobile from Shatoh
 Hand printed card
Blotting paper and citrus face mask 

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  1. Absolutely exquisite! It is so hard to find simple, beautiful writing papers. I love everything you chose. If I knew how to repost a pic I could have entered your giveaway, haha. Congrats again on 1,000+ followers! Glad I found you when I did. :)