Thursday, 14 January 2016


I love Christmas not just for the giving but also for all for the making. Christmas provides lots of opportunities to get creative even if you're not naturally. Last year I had lots of time but little money this year I have a little more money but not much time. This meant I'm still making stuff on Christmas Day. I am really glad I managed to bake make and decorate this year.

I only forgot a few people off my Christmas card list this year and only a few of the ones I did send arrived late but the majority got there before Christmas. This year was the first time I bought Christmas craft paper but I hope to make better use of it this year but it was worth getting. Combined with Cavallini rubber stamps and Carla Craft punches I'm pleased with the result. I've been quite organised for salvaging all the scraps I'm storing things from this year for next year as well as buying lots of Christmas things in the sale to use for Christmas 2016 which I didn't do last year.

I tried my hand at making crackers for the first time please I personalise sort my family in setting family photo is funny jokes and quotes that would suit them and memories I hope to make this a tradition for every year but I might pass on my cracker to my mum and my sister for them to do for me it makes it a little bit more fun.I so glad that new traditions are being made whilst being creative. 

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