Thursday, 31 July 2014

Incoming [July]

Lots of happy mail days this month, none of these have been replied to yet and I seriously can't wait. This month included some surprise mail in particular from Shelby who I know through IG. Her letter was full on quotes and inspiration it was so lovely and thoughtful. I definitely believe in creative karma. In all seriousness July has been a happy mail month and I feel very lucky and inspired.

I am blown away by some of this month's mail, you shouldn't have favourite but I do. Not for the contents of the envelopes but for the letters themselves. The mail art and extra things are great and a few of my pen pals share similar taste but its great to get letters from people who you can relate to and write to with ease. I trying to hold from writing to quickly so as no to add pressure on other party. At the same time taking my time to put in that extra effort is good. Looking forward as always to working on my replies!


  1. Replies
    1. I'm really sorry but I'm not looking for pen pals.

  2. Such beautiful mail! I am working on your letter and will send it out ASAP. :)