Sunday, 31 August 2014

Outgoing [August]

I had a massive pen pal cull this month  (more to come), so my outgoing was a lot less this month. Though I'm still writing at the same rate as I did before! I'm loosing my enthusiasm and I'm just so busy,i t's hard to find time to write. I'm actually planning a hiatus once I've finished replying to my August mail. It's so hard to really keep on top as soon as you send one thing you receive another. Regardless I will take a break once I've finished replying to all August letters.

I can't lie it was good to break off come correspondences. I'm still finding it hard putting pen to paper to those I enjoy writing to. I was also finding it hard to write to people after long absences, the time issue asides if there is no interact (or rapport) via IG or email it's hard to get back into things.

Anyways the usual mix of birthday mail, thank yous and regular mail as usual. I've worked on some postcards too and few other little things I will have to another craft post at some point.

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