Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Yamada (Again)

Yamada Stationery again it's rare for me to do a second post on the same place but I do love this shop so. I know it has only been six weeks since my last visit but I do love the fact the displays have been changed and there was new stock. They had a really cute medical theme from syringe pens and surgical kidney shaped bowls to Petri dishes for paper clips. The main kokeshi display had been replaced by kids arts and crafts as well  a variety and I hadn't seen or just weren't there last time.

The weather was much better when we visited this time and we went earlier in the day so we were able to check out the cafe properly. Their cafe looked really good and on my next visit I will definitely check it out. Another thing I like about Yamada is that the prices do vary so there is an opportunity to pick up a few little things on the cheap. It's worth mentioning they have a website but it's a bit of hot mess and difficult to navigate and of course in Japanese. So if you are lucky enough to be in Tokyo it's better to go in person, I'm not even sure if they do international shipping.

〒 181-0013, Mitaka, Tokyo 3-38-4 Shimorenjaku
TEL 0422-38-8689
Fax 0422-49-0008


  1. This place looks almost too amazing! I'm dying to visit Japan for so many reasons, one of them being all of the beautiful stationery. :)

  2. Again another swoon worthy post! Love those kokeshi's!