Wednesday, 23 July 2014

36 Sublo

My third IG meet up of the year and in fact the summer was fantastic. I met the love Kat of The Craft Bureau. Talk about a great day. Being a stationeryohlic like my good self we had a blast trying to keep each from bankrupting ourselves. We headed to Kichioji and after a lot of getting lost we found 36 Sublo. I'd wanted to go for the longest time and it was nice no just finally to go but to go with someone to share my gasps of amazement.

36 Sublo is s small shop on the 1 floor (second in Japan) on Kichioji Dori and (in)conveniently close to a HUGE Loft and before you ask yes we went to Loft too!! How could we not!?!? But I digress. It's relatively small and stocked a lot of things I'd seen before but it did have a great selection of rubber stamps. There were some things that were ridiculously priced that really put me off. I did buy the same sumo stamps I'd been lusting over in Yamada Stationery and regretted not buying the last time. 

Over all 36 Sublo was okay it has a great stock just nothing I wanted to buy or not quite my taste or worth them money, buy still worth blogging about. Kichioji is a nice area and if I find my self there are again I may pop in there. If I have extra cash I would buy some of their great rubber stamps from their online store. But I don't think I will be going out of my way to visit like Yamada. 

Being strictly 'no photos' I only have the shot I took through the door. As you can see I didn't really buy much but do love my new envelopes. I'm glad I checked it out and now know what they have to offer. Oh on the place side their website is som much better that Yamada and easy for online shopping!

Kichijoji Honcho 2-4-16 original Building 2F, Musashino, Tokyo

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  1. it is so good to be amongst others who have stationery addiction problems ahahah <3
    the envelopes are really amazing!