Friday, 7 March 2014

Incoming [February]

Wow! February was my birthday so I received more mail that usual. Letters, postcards, parcels oh my! Birthdays are great as you received mail those friends and family that you don't usually hear from. It's nice to know you are loved and are not forgotten.

There was a strong cat theme among my birthday cards which I couldn't help but notice ^・ω・^ .  I also received my first Aerogram! Without sounding like a child it was SO SUPER COOL. But talking of being a kid I love the Tintin postcards and the Ukiyoe colouring book from my lovely pen pal Chanou, so lovely and unexpected.  I love the creativity and care of some of these letters for example Robert of Dear Sincerely with his pastels mosaic and detailed writing and Chanou thoughtful put together letter, or Emily's stamp theme.

I treated myself this month and ordered some actual books rather opting for kindle downloads and my Flow Magazine paper lovers book arrived too. I received a couple of surprised bits and pieces to too. So all in all this month has been great mail wise. I've yet to reply to most of these and have loads of Thank Yous to write.

Robert, Ukraine

Henna, Finland

Yu Rong, Australia

My Cousin

Lin, Canada

Flow Magazine book for paper lovers

Amy, Australia

Vivian, Singapore

Early birthday mail and letters

Stamps galore

Birthday presents

Amazon Binge

Colouring book from Chanou

Aerogram from YF

Birthday of a cat lady

Emily, UK

Chanou, Netherlands

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