Friday, 7 February 2014

My Mummy Valentine♥

Valentine's Day will be soon upon us and apart from telling those you love how much you love them it was also a good opportunity for to say some heartfelt thanks too. Top of my list is my dear mummy, so I put used of my large white Moleskine postal notebook. I used to find it cringy when people described their mum's as their best friends. But I have to admit she is near the top, she has always been amazing but it took are a year apart and few thousand miles to realise how much I loved her.

This is biggest postal notebook I've bought and I had immediately earmarked it for my mum. Valentine's day was a great excuse to use it. Who doesn't love their old mum!?! I really stressed over how to decorate the cover. What I might have done for pen pals probably wouldn't have been appreciated as much by her. But this is simple and I used colours I know she loves.

The contents include;
  A love letter
  I love you more than....
  I love you enough to....
  Top 5 mum moments
  Famous phrases

It's not a neat as I would like but I have never been know for neatness and she all people would know! But its the thought that counts and the message, both of which are well meaning and heartfelt. Considering she never writes to me and isn't the most sentimental of folks she's damn lucky to have me, but not as lucky as I am have her!


  1. This is SO good!! You make me laugh--love your dry wit. And how good of you to write her a whole postal notebook. I love this. <3

  2. I like this! I may have to steal your idea for Mothers Day. I know your mom will love this when she receives it!