Friday, 7 March 2014

Outgoing [Febrarury]

I've slowed down on my replies and taking my time plus I've been busy, so less letters this month. I didn't do as much Valentine's Day mail as I would have liked but there were a few birthday letters I managed to get out. Now I just have to think about Mother's Day I hope I  haven't piqued too soon after my Mummy Valentine.

This month's letters were the usual mix of old magazines, paper, paper bags and new stationery. I did use two postal notebooks though, I tend to hoard them. One for my mum written about here and one for my new totally amazing and inspiring pen Madagalena. Both of which I'm particularly proud of.

I have a another new pen pal Eunice in America fellow stationery love and it seems we share the same sense of humour. Eunice's birthday was Valentines day and we had previously organised a swap prior to deciding to write so her letter was packed full of goodies.

Not everything was posted to Instagram or even photographed, that was part laziness and part forgetfulness but I think it's nice to keep letters a surprise.

My Mum

Tee, USA

YF, Singapore

Eunice, USA

Emmalene, UK

Shivani, India

Weekly outgoing

Magdalena, Australia

Elisbet, Sweden

Weekly outgoing

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  1. isn't mail nice? well I prefer it to bills any day! I have a few pen pals and find myself photographing the contents so as not to forget what I've sent. I don't know how you do it...I am in awe ;)