Saturday, 19 March 2016

Kattencafe Kopjes

So Japan has a number of cat cafes and now even London has one, Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium. I haven't been to Lady Dinah's but if I'm comparing Kopjes to Miysis my local cat cafe in Japan Kopjes wins hands down. Both London and Amsterdam are also much cheaper and much better and comfortable for humans and cat alike. Also Kopjes doesn't have many cats just the 7 Misysis is a bigger space but has somethign like 30 cats but I think the Kopjes set up works well for the cats. As we most cat cafes all the cats were rescue cat just making it even better,.

The cats of Kopjes

Kopjes also provided me with a great opportunity to meet my long time pen friend Chanou and fellow cat lover. This was a great way for us to meet up we both have cats and the place is just so damn cute. I absolutely adored the place it was also somewhere I could enjoy jointly with my sister who I was travelling with.

As mentioned the key difference between Miysis and Kopjes is that though Kopjes is smaller and  had less cats, there were more people than cats while we were there. Admittedly this could be slightly less fun for human visiting  BUT the cafe is so nice that even without the cats it's a nice place to chill and grab a coffee. THe cafe is just so cut and kitch everything is cat related in the cafe, I loved their attention to detail. I would definitely go again the coffee, cake and atmosphere with or without the cats was lovely, but of course much better with. 

Cats and klitch





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