Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Write On

New Year is always best the time to start a fresh, yes I know the month is almost over but I have actually made a start. I don't usually make new year resolutions but I do have some new habits I want to keep this year. Me blogging again is one of those habits and I have started with Christmas and Caravan Notebook posts.

Writing is the main habit that I want to keep up this year, with one key difference writing not to others but for myself. I still intend to write letters to the few pen pals I have left. I do however, want to put all my notebooks are journals to better use. I want to fill the pages and have something to show for the year to come track my progress, goals etc. archive my thoughts and memories.

I want to make the pages worth reading and rereading in time to come, I see many examples of this on Instagram, which is very inspiring. However, and I have mentioned this before but as much as I love Instagram for it's inspiration but I can also find it very intimidating. This has put me off sharing before. I want to be better at sharing but my writing will be for me and I will only share what I feel comfortable with.

I actually struggled with writing a blog before it still doesn't sit well with me. But I'm going to try my best to keep up putting pen to paper for myself and the occasional. I also want to keep being creative and making things hopefully that will fill some of my blog posts. I'm busier now so I hope to utilise my MTN refills better including the 2016 calendar refills. I'm happy with the decoration which is the easy bit! I have already started to use my Caravan Notebook from the Traveller's Notebook event at Ace Hotel which I have written about here and the start of my new hashtag #rehanajournals.

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