Monday, 1 July 2013

Paper Passions

I bought lots of beautiful paper last week in Kamakura not to mention postcards and stamps. I can't wait to use them all, specially the new envelopes I have planned. I have some letters I need to finish though. I can't believe that I showed restraint and bought only 5 sheets. I will see how the first set of envelopes go.  
I also bought some gorgeous paper dolls Ningyogami '人形紙' and bookmarks to go out to pen friends. I'm not really into swapping things I much prefer a long letter and getting to know a person, but it's nice to send  to send a little something with a letter. I will try my hand at origami with 100¥ paper and see how it goes if I can manage to perfect something good I may try with quality washi paper.


  1. Ah, love this. They're so cute and I love the colorful sheets~

  2. I received one of those origami dolls the other day. They're just so pretty! I like receiving long letters, too. This gives me a chance to get to know their writing "voice" better.