Thursday, 18 July 2013

Miysis Cat Cafe

One of the things I miss most in the UK is my lovely cat Wesley stripes. I constantly receive email updates from my mum describing Wesley as a domestic and public menace, dead birds dead mice even a live bird under her wardrobe (don’t even ask). He’s now apparently taken to digging up her vegetable patch and ruining the new curtains poor mum. I probably receive an email once a week with her threatening to ship him to Japan!
So what does a girl do which is missing her fav kitty like crazy? Visit a Cat Café of course. Many Japanese people cannot keep pets do to housing rules or due to the size of their homes. Cat cafes are a great way to enjoy the perks of having a cat without the responsibility. Thought this is burden I would gladly take on if it was possible and I was staying in Japan for longer than my intended 2 years. Monday I went to Café Miysis I first visited last year at Christmas as a treat to myself. I hadn't long been in Japan and being over here by myself and newly arrived I was alone for Christmas *cue violins*.  It was probably the best thing I could have done with the little time and money I had.
The first time I want as per usual I took the wrong station exit and got completely lost and it took me 3 times as long to get the place. I almost gave up, so glad I didn’t! The cafe is located near Kannai Station in Yokohama not too far from the Stadium on the 2nd floor of a inconspicuous building block. Once inside you’re in a feline fantasy, the cats are refer to as ‘staff’, which I love. The human staff don't have much English but I was warned about ‘エディル’or Ediru chief cat in charge. He’s a grouch and a biter so I was advised that it was best not to approach him. In fact there were warning posted all over the place.  With no English and my limited Japanese it was hard to get more information on the feline staff. As far as I tell some are rescue cats, some kittens are offspring of the staff. I could bored you to death with description or I could just bombard you with cute photos! (>_<)
The cafe is comfortable and spacious and well looked after as are and more importantly are the cats. There are plenty of toys, scratching post, bed etc. as well plenty of nooks and crannies for them to sleep. In fact it’s fun to go on a scavenger hunt and see how many you can find. I’m each visit there has been someone overlooked! There café provide a large library of cat related literature, manga, magazines and books that you can read particular if all the staff are on a break and they don’t want you attentions. I sometimes bring my kindle if this happen but fortunately have been subsequently join but someone who thinks my lap looks particularly comfortable.

Miysis is a little safe haven for when I’m low  and just a teensy weensy bit lonely and in need something fluffy to cuddle; my feline therapy. However, no matter how many cute kittens and cats stroked and cuddled I still miss my WesWes he is my one and only. Oh Wesley nothing compares to you!!!

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