Wednesday, 7 August 2013


So after a little research Thursday I found myself in Hase (more about the trip in a future post). I was in search of a well-known paper shop called 'Yohira'. I found out about the shop on a site called ‘Upon a Fold’. I have to check other shop they mentioned Cloud Bldg they have moved and changed their web address since the blog post so it took me a little time to find it (damn my limited Japanese!). I will check them out when I next go to Kamakura.

Yohira did not disappoint though I wish I'd gone into the main stationery shop first. They have two shops side by side, paper goods and then one purely for stationery. I spent more than I liked in each but would have preferred to use some of the more in the stationery shop. But picked up some pretty washi stitched postcards, paper and and letter sets. 

I was spoiled the choice and if I had more money I would've bought a lot more than I did. I'm happy with the things I picked up. After I went to Hase-dara I'll write about that later, I managed to pick up a few little souvenirs which will be great envelope fillers. But below are my new purchases.
Outside display
Paper goodies
Beautiful patterns
I love the stitching on these postcards so cute!
The paper is so thick and lush!
You don't know how much I love theses!
Blotting paper, postcards, paper (for new envelopes!) and bookmarks


  1. Hello you. :)

    I saw that you are looking for pen pals. :) I don't have instagram, so i thought I write you here, because I would love to be one of yours.

    Have lovely day <3