Thursday, 27 June 2013

Picture Postcard

This good thing about rainy season is that I can stay home listen to Radio 4 drink tea and write some letters. I'm an old soul really and one who enjoys her own company. But a few weeks ago I found a great antique shop. Such a great unexpected find. I decided to brave the wet and pick up so much vintage postcards of which they have drawers full!
I have been writing a lot recently as in putting pen to paper rather than finger to keyboard (but I prefer it that way). I've been making direct swaps via instagram, some for postcrossing, some friends and family back home. Yeah I bought a lot!

I do like letters are you can pour your heart out and catch up properly with friends on paper. Recounting thoughts and events  in great detail and allowing the recipient can look at any time. But postcards are nice snapshot of the day or a place, or a typical ‘wish you here’ but ‘I am thinking of you’ moment. You can map your comings and goings with a few words and a picture. Much nicer than a post on Facebook wall or a check in.

And I’m glad I started postcrossing again. The  postcards I’ve received since coming to Japan now adorn my walls and make me realise I have so many places I still want to explore. I’m starting to  get a thing for stamps too. Will definitely have to buy some nice ones upon this comes before that to post these postcards off.

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